install theme

A last clear coat applied - off to the gallery when dried….
The Student: Another of my 3D acrylic on paper ventures

Adi Nes/ Shooting apart of “The Village Series”/Photography

felt like revisiting this artist- i think this photograph captures an emotion and a loneliness that ive tried to paint in quite a few of my works. its beautiful
Metamorph: My latest painting playing along with the cubist concepts I have been working with lately. 

Peter Pan
Re-imagining of the primo lost boy.


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MARINA: #FF The work of @RamiroGomezjr titled Luxury, Interrupted is on display at UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Library. Here we feature “Veronica cleans the mirrors”. Ramiro’s work paints day laborers, nannies, housekeepers, and gardeners into luxury interior magazine spreads. He says “I recognize that the polished images selectively leave out those whose job it is to maintain what is displayed…I began painting images of workers into magazine pages that otherwise make us invisible. In that small artistic act I became empowered.”